Meet Yvonne

​Yvonne Werkmann is a highly respected and beloved Yoga Teacher, triathlete and mom. She is an Ordained Mantra Teacher and Priest with Sanatana Dharma Satsang. She is a cofounder and head teacher for The Canadian Insititute of Therapeutic Yoga.


Yvonne is an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and a Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher. She is a highly successful yoga teacher, mantra teacher and guide who has progressed her students in their yoga practices and in their lives.

What Yvonne has to say...

As a guide and supporter, I am blessed to help people figure out how to move out of pain and build more love and joy in their lives.


When I began learning this approach, I could barely walk after a skiing accident and was suffering constant migraine headaches. I was emotionally distraught and felt I had no purpose in my life. Through the support of my teachers in all guises, with a steady mantra and yoga practice I have been able to heal my body and mind, and express the fullest and highest sense of myself.


I am blessed to be able to share my learnings with people across the world, and blessed to see each of them blossom and grow, finding more love and joy in their lives. 


I know the benefits of mantra and yoga in my own body and soul. My passion is to help people feel better, more in control and able to live their dreams.





The moment I first met Yvonne I knew there was something special about her - a lightness and a groundedness that harnesses her faith in limitless possibility of the human spirit.


I love that her practice and teaching of mantra isn't rooted in some sort of magical belief, but in her experiences of working with mantra. She doesn't ask participants to suspend their own belief systems, but to add another layer to them. As a member of a Christian faith community, I appreciated that my beliefs were not threatened by Yvonne's teaching, but enhanced by it.


It is apparent in Yvonne's workshops that she has a great knowledge and love of mantra. Her enthusiasm animates her subject matter, so that her teaching becomes less about instruction and more about sharing what she loves. She offers support and guidance, without detracting from the unique experience of each individual. Yvonne welcomes questions, and has the skills and knowledge to customize her workshops to meet the needs and the interests of the group.


The experience of chanting in a group is powerful, and it was fascinating to experience the different energies that emerged with different mantras, and to feel the effects of the group energy into the following days. I continue to integrate what I have learned from Yvonne in my daily meditation practice, and feel my practice is supported and enhanced by this learning.


~ Joanne Hudspith Yoga Therapy