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Meet Yvonne

​BA, MA (Sociology), E-RYT 500, Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Certified Vedic Priest (Sanatana Dharma Satsang), Intentional Creativity Teacher and Guild Member

​My earliest memories include creating, playing, teaching and otherwise being a rather odd child.  One of my best friends was a young tree whom I entertained for hours on end with poetry, art and storytelling.

Today I get to play as artist, triathlete, writer, Yoga and Intentional Creativity teacher, and Vedic Priest. I see myself as a modern renaissance woman, and I am happy to say I have become an even more odd adult .  I am blessed to use all of these tools in a variety of ways to entertain myself and grow even further.

With joy comes healing. My goal is to spread joy. I love to support people as they build the skills for their own life.  With those skills they can create joy for themselves and the others in their lives. Then they can move forward to wherever they are called.

My classes, workshops and retreats provide a safe place to play, explore and experience new ways to express self. My students can expect to unravel mind, body and spirit while having fun and challenging old patterns.


The deepest joy arises when the people I connect with play with these tools and discover their own Truth. I believe we can all uncover our own power to make change and bring joy to the lives of our beloveds. This is how peace grows.


I want to start a joy revolution.  I want my work to inspire you to inspire others who will inspire others.

before me
an apple tree
heavy with red
and each a mantra
for my basket

the song of the crone spinning forests
directs back to the path
and I pick
to sink my teeth into the songs of the goddess

to see the crone in the mirror
across the path finally finished

I sit in such a strange calm
that I become my skeleton self
and rattle

Yvonne Mala Hand close up
Werkmann 30x40 painitng, female, blue face, ax, serene
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