What is Mantra?


From the root words “man” (to think) and “tra” (instrumental) Mantra literally means “an instrument for thinking”.

Private Mantra Counselling

Yvonne provides private face to face or Skype sessions to build the most appropriate mantra Sadhana (practice) for you.


In the session, you will be able to share your problems and concerns. Yvonne will gather relevant information and put together a program that you will work with on your own. She will provide you with mantra(s) to move you toward your specific goals. She will help you find a discipline that will create progress while fitting in to your life.


Yvonne will be available for continued support and guidance via email as you work with your sadhana, so any questions or concerns which come up can be answered quickly.

$45 / 1/2 hour + GST
$80 / hour + GST

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Mantra Workshops Available for your Studio or Group

Introduction to Mantra Meditation

​Sound vibration is a powerful healing tool. Students will learn the basics of mantra meditation, practice powerful healing mantras, and hear the stories behind many common mantras.


In this 3 hour workshop students will experience the power of chanting in a group and learn some simple techniques to help feel better in times of stress, during medical procedures, and during times of healing

and growth.

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Mantra for Healing the Earth

​We all see our world suffering in illness, war, hatred, and fear.

Mantra works directly upon our karma to move us toward our higher spiritual self. When we work with our own karma, we have an impact on the mass karma of all humanity. Join Yvonne for a powerful afternoon of chanting to lessen the karmic burden of everyone, bringing peace and healing to our earth.

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Truly there is no question that Yvonne was not only taught by the most incredible mantra lineage, she also has an inherent knowing in how to welcome, create and hold a space for some very big healing work through Mantra. Yvonne took us to places with her Mantra teachings that I had not yet been to by way of Mantra.  It was so profound to be chanting for the children of the world at one point, and get that further and further distilled down to the inner wounded child that I am learning to love and nourish to well-being again—because I am realizing that she is whole to begin with and truly enshrouded in Divine Love.  With each successive mantra, more answers, more healing and more love for myself kept coming.  Thank you Yvonne for this tremendous gift and greater understanding I experienced under your guidance.


~ Natasha

Mantra for Healers

​Those who work in healing businesses, or who are healers to their own friends and families, tend to give a lot of themselves. Helping others heal can come at a personal cost. In this workshop, students will learn mantras for inner wisdom, love, protection, support, peace, prosperity. They can build a program of mantra for themselves to protect their energy, build their businesses and maximize healing for their students.


If you are a yoga teacher, parent, teacher or work in the medical or alternative medicine world, this workshop is for you.

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Thank you so much for creating such a safe and lovely space to be real. I woke up this morning chanting. I chanted in the shower, walking the dog, and in my car! :) Just loved it! I hope to see you very soon. Sign me up for another mantra course if you come our way.


~ Patricia


Mantra Modules for Teacher Training Programs

Mantra Modules for Teacher Training and
Therapeutic Yoga Training programs

​A mantra module is a training program provided in support of your teacher training programs, designed to give students/trainees exposure to mantra and develop the skills and confidence to use mantra in their classes and personal lives.

Why mantra is important:

Mantra is one of the most underused and untapped yoga techniques in North America, yet it is one of the most powerful methods for resolving karma and arriving at realization. Commonly taught in Indian training programs, mantra is rarely studied in any detail here. Mantra is a vital piece of yoga practice that enhances any teacher training.

Why use Yvonne:

Yvonne Werkmann, Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500, IYTA Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, is a highly respected and beloved teacher, triathlete, and mom. She is an Ordained Mantra Teacher with Sanatana Dharma Satsang (SDS) and is currently completing studies to become a Pujari and Priest within SDS. At this point, Yvonne is the only Ordained Mantra Teacher in Canada.


She mentors in a variety of therapeutic yoga and business programs for Functional Synergy with Susi Hately, and teaches the Mantra component for Functional Synergy’s Certification program and Breathe Hot Yoga’s 200-hour Teacher Training program. 


Yvonne is skilled in the wisdom of mantra. She is a thoughtful yoga teacher who nurtures her flock of students in a very real, intuitive, and supportive way. Yvonne can cut to the chase and see what lies underneath the fear. She teaches from a very deep place of love and joyfully progresses her students in their yoga practices and in their lives.

What you will receive:

The program will be customized to work well within the overall program you areproviding your students and will provide an understanding of the basics of mantrameditation, including:

  • What mantra is and how it works

  • Sanskrit alphabet and how it works

  • Vedic philosophy and the stories behind the mantras

  • An introduction to Chakra Bija and Bija mantras

  • Common mantras for transformation and support

  • An understanding of the meaning of a mantra from an experiential place

Your students will learn:
  • How to develop a personal mantra practice

  • How to create sacred places for practice

  • What a Mala is and how to use it

  • Ways to perform Japa

  • Disciplines that can be used to develop a long term practice

  • To experience the undeniable and unique power of chanting in a group

  • To take a practice home to work with to further develop their personal practice

  • To be confident using mantra with students in individual or class settings

Students will have access to support and resources after the workshop:
  • As questions often don’t arise until people begin to process, Yvonne is always available to answer further questions for the students, either through email or group conference as necessary.

  • Yvonne is available to guide students in their own practices once they begin to work with mantra.Most questions can be answered simply and quickly through email, but she is also available formore detailed private counselling (for a fee) if a student desires.

  • She is also available to support the trainers and answer questions as they continue to work withtheir students.


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If you are anything like me, at one time you thought mantra was a bit hokey. Even, if youknew there was something so right about it. Chanting, sanskrit... at one time, it wastoo much... and yet it was so right. Years have passed since that first experience and Ilove how Mantra works for myself and for

my students.


So you can imagine that when it came time to integrate Mantra training into my yogatherapist training program, I would be very specific about the kind of trainer I waslooking for. I wanted someone who wasn't dogmatic, who found the practice of mantraand chanting to be a curious one, and who wasn't rigid. I wanted to be sure to make thepractice enjoyable and curious and to have my participants truly — and I mean truly — experience it.


If this is what you are looking for, you will find it with Yvonne. She is nothing short of agem in my books. She is approachable, good humoured, and holds the space so well forthe various experiences which arise with Mantra. She has led Mantra for me in a fewsettings and at different levels of training and I have no hesitation recommending her. Ifyou are considering bringing her on... just do it. You won't regret it at all.


~ Susi Hately, Functional Synergy





I chose to have Yvonne as a facilitator in our

200-hour teacher training because she has a way

of delivering Mantra study so that it is accessible

to everyone. She has the ability to explain the

history and then integrate it so that it is more than

a philosophy, it is a practice. Our trainees were able

to take what Yvonne taught them into their personal

practices and explore how mantra works for them

and how it can be applied to their teaching.


I believe that this module gave our trainees another

layer of depth to their practice and teaching, so

much so, that it is now a core module in our

200-hour training going forward.


~ Jamie Mathiasen, Science & Soul Teacher Training







Mantra is a tool to transform the mind. It is a sacred sound, word or phrase with sacred or spiritualresonance that can be chanted aloud, recited quietlyor repeated mentally.


A mantra works by focusing the mind and drawing the attention inwards. It leads to higher and more subtle levels of consciousness. In this way, Mantra is a way to raise consciousness and elevate your state of mind.


Mantra harnesses the power of sound vibration to eliminate karma and aid spiritual progression. Mantrahas helped people shift up patterns of behaviour around:

  • substance use and addiction

  • physical health

  • mental health

  • abundance and prosperity issues

  • relationships

  • spiritual growth


If you are ready to shift your life, reach a higher level of spiritual awareness, become able to fully express yourself in the world, mantra is for you.