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Intentional Creativity

Intentional Creativity is a process of revelation and connection.  It uses the tools of the arts to create transformation, bringing us from where we are to full expression of our Divine Self.

When I work with Intention I am posing a question to the Divine and allowing the answer to come through the creative process.  Wisdom expresses through the physical.  In our culture we give credence to the intellectual, but the intellect misses the finer points of wisdom.  Intellect is limited.  Physical expression is limitless.  Intentional creativity brings us in touch with that wisdom.  It is a process of play and discovery with no limits.  It is a process of allowing that wisdom to express; a process of trust, of  allowance,  and ultimately, a process of transformation.

My destination will be known when I arrive.

Intentional Creativity can help people:

  • process past events or current situations

  • enhance spiritual development

  • gain clarity around issues in life and business

  • lay out the steps to future progress

  • gain confidence in your inner wisdom

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Offerings include:

  • Private Intentional Creativity Sessions

  • Red Thread Ritual for families, weddings

  • Visionary Business Plan Book

  • Meeting your Muse

  • Calling in the Ancestors

  • Apothecary Medicine Painting

  • Soul Cards

  • Moon Wands, Medicine Wands

  • Creating a Marzanna Doll

  • Medicine Basket Painting


Contact Yvonne for more information
on classes/sessions on Intentional Creativity.


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