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How to do a Sun Saluatation Without Killing Yourself



The Sun Salutation is a beautiful practice. Its flow from pose

to pose, its movement through forward bends, back bends,

strength poses, and grounding poses all work together to make

it an energizing and dynamic practice. It provides a harmony

of movement and breath that is both gracefuland strong.


This book breaks down the Salutation into its component poses.

Each pose is presented with direction on how to consciously and

purely enter the pose as well as a series of therapeutic

movements which will help you build the strength and mobility

necessary to find true grace and Asana.


Written by Yvonne Werkmann. 80 beautifully designed pages

with photographs. Conveniently sized at  5.5" wide by 8.5 " tall.

Functionally coil bound - allowing it to lay flat while you practice.

How to do a Sun Saluatation Without Killing Yourself Guided Sequences

Audio Collection (MP3s)


These sequences are designed as a guide to the sequences in

the book How to do a Sun Salutation. 


Once you are familiar with the movements in the book, use these guides to lead you through the practices.

Mantra for Healing

CD (MP3s)


A Sanskrit Mantra Program for healing.  


Work with the whole stack of 12 healing mantra, or

one or two at a time.


Recorded by Yvonne Werkmann.

Mantra to Support Healers

CD (MP3s)


If you work in a healing profession, this is the program for you.  This 14 mantra stack includes mantras connecting to inner wisdom, love, protection, support, peace and prosperity.  Use the mantras individually, or as a group, to support your clients and yourself.


Recorded by Yvonne Werkmann.

Pure Movement: Therapeutic Yoga Every Day

CD (MP3s)


Four easy to follow yoga programs, appropriate for all

levels of health. Each session is approximately 17-20 minutes. No yoga experience necessary.


• Therapeutic yoga for the hips

• Therapeutic yoga for the shoulders

• Mini therapeutic yoga program

• Yoga at your desk


Recorded by Yvonne Werkmann.

Pure Rest: Guided Meditation

CD (MP3s)


5 short guided relaxation sessions that can be used anywhere, including resting at home, during medical testing or treatments (such as chemotherapy or MRIs) or while traveling (as long as you aren’t the driver!).


• Light and Weight

• Body Scan

• Ocean Waves

• Space

• True Self


Recorded by Yvonne Werkmann.

Pure Vibration Sanskrit Mantra

CD (MP3s)


Fourteen favourite mantras, most chanted 108 times for meditation and listening. Mantras for healing, growth and spiritual development.


Recorded by Yvonne Werkmann.